• Management of marketing and communications specialists including PR and media managers, content creators, designs, brand and campaign coordinators, events managers, digital specialists and online community management staff

  • Budget management

  • Stakeholder management




  • Team planning

  • Budget forecasting

  • Campaign planning and scheduling

  • Content planning for multi channel communications

  • Project planning

  • Brand management

  • Development of organisational USP messaging

  • Key message scripting

  • Brand refresh and asset planning

  • Measurement of brand perception and brand sentiment monitoring

  • Participation in major market research project via external marketing research agency

  • Experience running consumer insight sessions with a focus on digital platform use and improvement

  • Experience analysing data to determine business and consumer needs

  • Audience segmentation

  • Persona development

  • Alignment to overall business goals

  • Application of SMART methodology

  • Goals applied prior to campaign or activity and monitored throughout the set time

  • Ongoing assessment and reporting

  • End to end creative campaign creation from concept to launch

  • Alignment of campaign goals to overarching business, marketing and communication goals

  • Set campaign KPIs with defined outcomes

  • Creative direction - messaging and visual styling

  • Creative concept, campaign design, agency briefing, scripting, art direction, shoot direction, asset creation

  • Experience with ATL and BTL campaigns

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